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Hypersensitive Bob

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  • lowpoly
  • rogue-lite
  • action-adventure
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    Meet Bob

    An ordinary chap with quite extraordinary dilemma. Bob has an allergy, as quite many other folks have too. But with Bob it’s different. 
    Bob has an allergy of everything. 

    If a squirrel sneezes miles away or a friendly smile from a stranger, rash it is. See, for Bob a cup of tea or handful of berries are not a treat. They are a threat. 
    Over the time this has driven Bob to live a life of isolation from all that awaits outside his cabin. 

    Bob has had enough. Armed with his modified asthma pipe, Bob decides to enter the world outside his safe haven and get over his allergies in order to live a normal life in this low-poly, cartoony sky platform crawler.




    • Fight against Bob’s allergies with InhaGun 2000! 
    • Low-poly graphics with Cel-Shading elements! 
    • Gain experience and unlock new items & reunite Bob with his friends 
    • Help Bob to overcome his allergy of everything
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