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Escape Goat

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The Sheep are Slumbering.

And while they sleep, the Prison of Agnus remains closed, with you trapped inside. To escape, you must work with a mouse companion to solve puzzles, overcome devious traps, and outwit determined foes.

Escape Goat is a new take on puzzle platforming:

• Developed with a unique physics engine that allows pixel-perfect world manipulation and destruction
• Use the environment to your advantage to overcome the infernal traps, puzzles and machinery of the prison.
• Over 50 rooms of puzzles in the main campaign
• Bonus campaign with 50 rooms of torture platforming, if you dare
• Easy-to-use editor and level sharing forum

This game is for PC, Mac, and Linux.

**Note** Desura keys may be unreliable due to recent developments. We provide no guarantee for Desura activation.
In the Press

"Still, no matter how many times I threw my hands up in frustration, I'd soon find myself back for just one more try - and another, and another. That's the essence of Escape Goat. For gamers after a serious challenge to both their wits and their fingers, and who aren't hung up on a need for eye candy, it's just what the doctor ordered. " - Read More


Wot I Think: Escape Goat

"It’s a great puzzle game, and while perhaps it’s unfortunate it should come out in the same week as the superior Shuggy, it’s certainly worth adding to your pile. " - Read More

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