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Quarries of Scred

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NOTE: This game requires 32 Bit Java to run.

Welcome to the Quarries of Scred.

You will surely perish.

Quarries of Scred harks back to a simple arcade style - dig down, collect different minerals and dirt ore and return to cash in! Strategic use of lasers, land mines and self-destruction will ensure access to hard to reach areas, though care must be taken at all times within... the Quarries of Scred!

Guide Bob the Digger through the Quarries as he attempts to excavate a fortune in hopes of activating a teleporter - enabling him to escape his creditors.

Your greed will be your undoing.

* Daily challenge - compete against other players on the subreddit ( on a unique map each day. One attempt per day, highest score wins.
* Darkness mode - amp up the difficulty with restricted vision
* Blink mode - you only see the map every so often
* Time based challenge modes - 60 second & 120 second challenges provoke entirely different strategies
* Option to change graphics - comes with a number of different graphics sets, including those inspired by EGA, CGA, ASCII & a number by the great Jay the Robot & CNIAngel.
* Harness various tech slot items - Land mines, lasers, gravity inverters & more
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