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Data Hacker Corruption

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The story shifts up a gear in the highly anticipated sequel to Initiation! Continue your save file from Initiation with inventory, team and decision data intact, or start a fresh game from scratch with no penalty.

Things are changing rapidly, with each side vying for a position that will secure their future. The SiliCAI army fends off both Virulea and Hunter attacks while trying to maintain equilibrium. They seek power untold; a way to vanquish those who would do them harm.

In the coming war, on which side do you stand? Do you defend the SilicAI and their digital world, or fight for the people of the real world?

Import your save file from Initiation (Keep your team, inventory and decision data intact!)
Fully voice-acted opening and closing cutscenes!
A massive graphics overhaul,
Two possible routes to take; play both the 'Real' and 'Virtual' story lines,
Over 1000 craftable items,
A fan-favoured new game+ feature with extra content!
Over 70 unique team recruits to build your dream team,
Tons of optional, additional content, allowing you to explore the Worlds to a deeper extent,
69 achievements to attain,
Trioarch; the addictive trading card game,
Two different racing minigames,
An expansive set of Worlds, Settings and Dungeons!
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