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  • dark
  • horror
  • dark-humor
  • puzzle
  • dialogue
  • death
  • bones
  • philosophy
  • discordian
  • discordianism
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    The last thing you remember is receiving an unsatisfying answer. A plunge through the fundamental chaos takes you to a place of bones. Great power can be found within the Ossuary, but those who are not lying to themselves are lying to you.

    Ossuary is a dark, puzzling game where the player explores a strange underworld full of people slowly gathering dust. It explores themes of order, chaos, sin, and virtue, and it draws strong inspiration from the Discordian religious tradition.

    The December 2015 update to 1.8.0 improves the intro experience and has accessibility improvements and other fixes.
    In the Press

    Indie Games Of 2013 That We Really Liked

    "Ossuary is a giant, mirrored mystery box. It reflects human society while offering up puzzles within puzzles to discover and solve. Ossuary is the game Gregory Avery-Weir has been building up to his entire career, a synthesis and refinement of the best elements of his previous games. Ossuary creates a small world and packs it with subterfuge and mystery. " - Read More

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