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It's the comic puzzle platformer where you play inside a story book facing exotic enemies with the only super power you have is colors!

Use your colour changing ability to discover the pages of the book. Match the colours to land correctly on platforms.
Solve puzzles to progress through in the story book.

You can not attack or kill anything. Therefore, you have to be
clever and patient when you pass your enemies.


1- The story book is made of beautifully hand painted art in a comic style.
2- There are 11 levels of fun and surprise for you to discover.
3- Original beautifully crafted soundtracks to immerse you in the world of Spectrum.
4- Unique gameplay mechanic that challenges you to bring your platforming and fast reaction skills to the game.
5- Over 30 puzzles to be solved before finding the end of the story book.

Can you solve all the colour puzzles in the book before you rage quit?
In the Press

Spectrum Brings Beauty To Puzzle Platforming

"Spectrum is also a test of supreme patience. There is no attack button and enemies cannot be killed, so the only way to complete each stage is to dodge every obstacle in acrobatic fashion while still making sure colors are matched accordingly to ensure a safe landing. " - Read More

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