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Magicians & Looters

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Versimos the Beardless has been kidnapped!
Is there no one to lead his troupe of apprentices on a sword-fighting, fireball throwing, acrobatic extravaganza of daring rescue?

What will befall the forests and caves, the castles atop mountains, the big city underneath, if not under his watchful eye?
What of the tasty nuts and the squirrels who collect them?

You must enlist!
Chill the stirring nerve; go forth with courage, whether misty wood or juggernaut crustacean from the dimension of nightmares stand in your way.

Find magical items and combine them to overcome obstacles.
Switch characters to discover new areas.
Use the popup map to plan your routes.

Good luck! We're all counting on you!

System requirements:
. Windows operating system
. 1280 x 720 resolution or better
. 1.5 GB disk free
. keyboard (on-screen virtual keyboards on touchscreen devices will not work)
In the Press

"Although still in relatively early phases of its development cycle Magicians And Looters looks very promising and contains plenty of puzzles, treasure, traps, shops, obstacle courses, secrets and all manner of monsters to keep even the most diligent adventurer busy for hours. " - Read More

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