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Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine

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Full game and Original Soundtrack in MP3 format (53 tracks)

Version 4.0 Release Key Features!
-New voice actor for Al Emmo
-2D, hand-animated cutscenes to replace older 3D versions
-New scoring system with a total of 500 points
-Achievements system with 20 achievements to unlock
-Tooltip GUI which shows mouse-over hotspot names
-Much more!


A classic point-and-click adventure game in the style of the Sierra classics, from the team who brought you the AGDI King's Quest and Quest for Glory remakes.

Join feeble, middle-aged Easterner, Al Emmo, on his journey into the heart of the Wild-West in search of love, adventure, and inconceivable wealth! Brave a horde of desert perils including excessively equipped prairie dogs, an extremist pest exterminator, and a liquor so potent, you won't even remember your hangover!

But is Al really cut out to be a cowboy? A rival stranger in town and a looming thousand-year-old Aztec curse are bound to keep Al on his toes. Does redemption lie within the haunted depths of the Lost Dutchman's Mine? And is Al brave enough to enter?



"I love the music."
--John Romero

"The game looks gorgeous, tells an engaging story, has fantastic voiceovers and will have you in stitches at some of its many outrageously funny moments. It’s hard to avoid clichés sometimes: Al Emmo is solid gold."
--JustAdventure - A Rating

"Himalaya Studios honed their skills with their popular remakes of "King's Quest" I and II. With Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine they show that they also have what it takes to create a successful original work."
--Quandary - 80%


Twitter: @himalayastudios
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