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And so you think you will succeed where everybody else has failed. I, Huenison, the Evil Master in charge of the conquest of your world, will see to it that you fail miserably.
Yes, conquest.
Why? Because.
Unfair? Who cares. But enough, I am not wasting further time here. Go away. Or, if you're really serious about it, come down into my deep Mind Control Wells and... die.


Huenison is an innovative arcade shooter that takes various elements from Arkanoid, BOH, Decathlon, Dyna Blaster, Impossible Mission, Oil's Well, Pac-Man, Pang, Qix, Slam Tilt, Space Invaders, Tetris, and Vital Light, and puts them together in a hectic mix. All in retro visuals and synthetic sonorities that recall the revered Commodore 64's SID chip.

You shoot at falling bricks with a cannon at the bottom of a well (and no, you haven't ever seen anything like this before). Your beams hit bricks only when they are of the same color. Hitting a brick produces a specific effect depending on the type of the brick. Missing bricks will let them accumulate at the bottom of the well, raising the ground where the cannon rests - and, on top of that, bringing the deadly zapper down, closer to the cannon.

But this is just the beginning: each level plays differently, more and more brick types are introduced along the way, occasional disturbances will suddenly bring some more chaos, and lots of bonuses will help catch a breath (and score more points)!
It's a unique experience that can't be described with words. Just dive into Huenison's Mind Control Wells, defeat him, and save the world!


  • immediate and addictive gameplay
  • 25 levels
  • 9 game modes
  • huge variety of bricks and bonuses
  • C64-style music, speech, and sounds
  • many cool graphic modes
  • exciting prog-SID soundtrack
  • online hiscores


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MINIMUM: 500 MHz CPU · 32 bit graphics card · 16 bit sound card · 16 MB RAM · 40 MB disk · 32 bit binaries support · AmigaOS 4.1 · Windows XP
RECOMMENDED: 800 MHz CPU · internet
OPTIONAL: joypad


Huenison is part of a saga that, as of writing, includes five totally different games.
BOH opens the story, with the Evil Masters bringing chaos to Earth. In Huenison, the fight continued against just the eponymous character. Eventually they were all repelled from Earth, but, as seen in QUOD INIT EXIT IIm, during their retreat, Huenison and his companions happened to pass by planet Suinio and decided to cause trouble there as well. MAH shows that, even years later, the memory of the Evil Masters still lives on in the aspect of the virtual guards that a group of fanatics created to protect the Apocalypser, a device capable of destroying the whole planet. Finally, KOG assigns the hero who saved the Earth in MAH a new mission: when back to his space colony, he learned that peace was at risk and was asked to develop a sofware application for defense training.

In the Press

The Great Genre Blender: Huenison

"Now, besides looking fantastic and playing a terrifyingly addictive game, Huenison comes for both Windows and Amiga OS (!) PCs, and I frankly cannot recommend it enough. " - Read More

Spin The Colors Of Your Six Shooter To Survive In Huenison

"I honestly didn't know what to expect from the demo, but once it finished, I found myself craving more. It has one of those dastardly "just one more level" feels to it brought about by the variation between each of the stages and the satisfying block-shooting mechanics. I thought the constant turret spinning may be a pain, but it works well in adding tension to the game as you fumble through the colors, as if spinning a regular six shooter. " - Read More

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