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Drawing inspiration from the mythologies of Icarus and timeless fairytales, OIO is the story of a little wooden man, awakened when a stray beam of sunlight pierces the twilight subterranean world in which he and his hand-carved compatriots stand frozen in time. Alone in being reanimated, OIO embarks on a perilous journey through the vast organic netherworld with only his wits and a handful of seeds to overcome the challenges before him and climb towards the light. As the journey unfolds, OIO will learn of the fate that befell his petrified companions, seek a way to free them from their inanimate tyranny, and come face to face with his greatest challenge.


- A new approach of classic platformer with an original and fresh core gameplay: grow up to three wooden beams and combine them to progress.
- Get on a memorable journey through a wooden made universe to unveil the darkness surrounding the world.
- Deep exploration of the levels rewarded by revealing the past of this strange universe.
- 12 levels across various environments from the underground to the top of a gigantic construction.
- Original and dynamic music made by Analept.
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Unlike anything else

"When a game is named after the shape of the protagonist's face, you know you're in for a very art-filled ride. OIO is a puzzle platformer that revolves around a single key mechanic, coupled with intense mystery as to who you are and what exactly is going on.It all comes together wonderfully too. " - Read More


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