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Irritum is a game revolving around the concepts of depression, and suicide. The player finds themselves in purgatory with no memory of their past life. Two mysterious beings, Cassus and Sollus, guide the player in their journey of discovery, and lead them either to retribution or oblivion. The only thing you know is to keep moving forwards, either collecting your memories in each level or ignoring them completely. Either discover the purpose of Irritum, or escape it.

The gameplay for Irritum is a 3d platformer with a puzzle-like twist. The player must use inter-dimensional planes to reach the end of each level, but they can only have one plane activated at a time. For example, the player can activate red platforms and interact with them as normal, but when blue is activated, the player will float through red platforms as if they did not exist. You also have the ability to create a ghost of themselves that is immune to damage, and reverse gravity at their will to overcome obstacles.

• Change the way the world interacts with you. Activate platforms so you can land and run on them, or deactivate them so you can pass through easily.
• Engage in a story revolving around the concepts of depression and suicide. Discover why you are trapped in the eternal void.
• Gain advanced abilities such as reversing gravity, making a copy of yourself that is invincible, or teleporting across the abyss.
• Decide whether or not you want to find out the purpose of Irritum. Either choose to remember why you are in Irritum, or choose to escape it.

“...Nick Padgett has, single-handedly, created an engaging platform game that finds the right mix of frustration and satisfaction... ” 8/10 - The Same Coin

“...Irritum’s compelling premise and ample challenge create an intriguing, engaging platformer.” 4 Stars - Entertainium

“...a really great game. Both from the technical side, and with the management of sexy, fun platform mechanics, and overall visual look and feel...” 9/10 - Team Games (translated)
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