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  • bullet-hell
  • cute
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    Aeternum is an original side-scrolling shoot 'em up featuring five stages of intense bullet hell action. Face off against eight bosses, cats in teacups, and spaceship faring corgis choosing to play from 4 different modes and 5 difficulty settings.

    Ellica is a Demonic Magic Studies student at one of the most prestigious schools in the realm, Aeternum Academy. But her schoolwork has to take a back seat one day when she discovers her best friend Macy is missing!
    Help Ellica brave the crazed groundskeeper, an overzealous hall monitor and waves upon waves of wayward flying cats in the adventure of a lifetime... or maybe just the adventure of this week.

    Aeternum also features an all original soundtrack by long-time video game music scenester, Jesse Bishop. Download it for free at

    Also available on Xbox Live Indie Games!
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