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solaris is an experimental game about light, color, ambience and relaxation. it is a game that does not achieve to be the usual definition of a game. it provides the player with 2 objects, and a selection of buttons that allows the player to create their own experience.

create, destroy, move and manipulate the objects and surroundings at your disposal. watch as colors pulse across your screen, listen as the sound and music shifts based on what you want to see and hear. solaris is a living canvas for you to explore and change.

in this world, death is a concept that does not exist. there are no threats waiting to sneak up on you. nothing wants to see you defeated. there are no bosses, and there is no true ending. there is no pressure, and you are not required to "play" a certain way. the only thing that exists is you and the experience you wish to create.

solaris is currently only for Windows PCs. Mac and Linux ports (and a potential iOS port) will be coming soon, as well as content updates like more artwork, additional object types, multiple modes of play, new sets of sound, and lots of other features.
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