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EON Altar: Episode 2 - Whispers in the Catacombs (DLC)

Eon Altar: Episode I - The Battle for Tarnum is required to play this content

The Siege of Tarnum has been broken: the remaining sellsword forces are scattered and their commander defeated. Having dealt with the Wolf of Yriel, your commitment to the Brotherhood of Keepers has been fulfilled. However, your victory is short lived. Cultists wielding the chaotic forces of their shattered god are waking the dead beneath Tarnum, twisting their forms and warping their minds into madness. 

The Brotherhood of Keepers is in shambles and cannot offer any aid against the ever growing ranks of the undead. It falls to you and your group to descend the depths and put an end to the cultist's profane rituals before the living are overwhelmed.

Episode II - Whispers in the Catacombs

  • Chapter 1 - Together We Fall
  • Chapter 2 - The Safehold
  • Arena Mode - The Cultist Rising 

Continue your adventures with Episode 2 - Whispers in the Catacombs. With over 3 hours of new content, you'll continue to banter with your friends in dialog, progress your characters further, and fight as a well-oiled, tactical machine. 

We've also included the new Cultist Rising level for even more tactical fun. The Zaquentists have been busy corrupting Destiny Markers to summon a creature of unfathomable power. The clock is ticking--Can you stop them and cleanse the gate before it is too late, or will you be forced to face off against a creature of nightmare to save yourselves?

BY: Libredia
In the Press

"Eon Altar is a fantastic couch co-op title that should be enjoyed by all. The intuitiveness of the controls with your smartphone as a controller and the ability to actually keep your own secrets in the game is incredible. Making characters and heroes in games more personable is hard, its easier when the player has all the control. I luckily had the chance to play this with friends and having them present made a huge impact on gameplay. Players cared about the choices made and there were quite a few discussions on what to do next or if someone was lying to the group. Players do not see adventures like Eon Altar executed well and often are disappointed with what was provided. The plot, gameplay, graphics, and the soundtrack all mixed perfectly, making Eon Altar a great title to pick up and play with your buddies. Purchase it, play it, and see how multiplayer RPG's should be made these days. " - Read More

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