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Frag The Tanks
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This is an Open Alpha!

The game has been in development since September, 2016 by Kistler Software Studio


  • Survival Wave Mode - Standard Enemy waves with progresseviley difficult
  • Tank Building - chose form over 100 parts to customise your tank your way!
  • Rich Weapon Arsenal! Destroy your enemies with great Weapons!
  • In Development and soon in Game:
    • Multiplayer!

Alpha Limitations:

  • It's not finished: It has flaws and could crash on your system! However, bugs are gonna be fixed to the end game!
  • Heavy iteration, monthly builds: Your favorite feature might get removed or changed, but the development is always open for input from the players side!

The Future:

  • The game will launch on Steam in 2017. When it does, players (you!) will also get a Steam key.

Frag the tanks is a twin stick shooter and tank building game with tcg elements. Collect cards to construct ur unique Battle Tank and acquire new skills which you can use in battle! Defeat your enemies with devastating blasting weapons from blasters, to snipers or grenade launchers. Use ur skill cards tactical and transform ur projectiles into sparkling lightning blasts or fire balls! There are dozens of skills like shields, booster and many others! Multiplayer is also included in a four player Deathmatch you can show how well your Battletank can survive against ur friends or play co-op missions! Level up ranks and use new parts like battle mech parts! Play crossplatform multiplayer from PC, to iOS to Android! Trade ur cards with your friends ! With your account you can trade ur cards on every platform with your friends on all devices!


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