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  • puzzle
  • hidden
  • casual
  • Physics simulation puzzle platform game. Find the hidden lunchbox! Great Fun!

    Short introduction to How to play:

    • Clark the construct guy (and safety instructor) is the main hero. Guide him to the hidden lunchbox. Arrow shows the direction and distance. The bigger the arrow the closer it is.

    • Control Clark by tapping next to him or on the edges of the screen if Big Controls is ON (in options)

    • Tap Up or Up corners on screen when you have strawberries to ignite Superclark (flying power and attacks birds better)

    • Tap screws to unscrew them thus releasing steel beams causing a terribly fun chaos :)

    • Tap lever of teleports to activate them and jump it´s horn to teleport instantly to another teleport machine

    • Jump into balloon rope to fly with balloon (Watch out for the birds. They might try to follow you and pop your nice balloon!)

    • Run into a balloonmofone (looks like a gramofone) to activate it. It creates nice balloons to fly with!

    • Tap into a bomb to activate it but don´t blow yourself up! It´s useful to blow up beams etc. to help you find the lunchbox.

    • Tap gravity machine to activate antigravity controlled or just bump into it to activate it uncontrolled. The birds can also activate it.... (those darn birds again!)

    • Walk or fly into a cloud to make it disappear

    Read INFO to learn more about the many many options available to enhance the game experience specially for YOU!

    • Easy to play, Challenging to master

    • 10 Episodes and 100 exciting and challenging levels to explore

    • Combination of physics game, puzzle elements, hidden object to find (lunchbox)

    • Strawberries to give superpower of flying to Clark, our main character

    • Balloonmofones. A machine that creates balloons for Clark to fly with or for Birds to pop them off.

    • Teleports

    • Bombs to explode walls, beams, birds etc.

    • Clark has a tool to unscrew bolts and screws. A lot of fun to really destroy these construct sites

    • Great Fun for all ages!

    • Lots of options to adjust the game just for you

    • Adjust Clark´s weight

    • Adjust Gravity

    • Adjust Superpower ON/OFF all the time to make game easier

    • Adjust many many attributes of the game to make it suitable just for you!

    • You can play it over and over again by tapping ON the many random available options to make the game really different each time you play.

    • Intelligent Bird A. I. It´s fun to compete with those birds and try to win the strawberries before them. They like to pop off Clark´s flying balloon and they even chase him around the level.

    • Jump, Climb, Run, Roll, Fly to find the hidden lunchbox

    • Thunder effects to add a great suspense. Avoid the lightning strikes that explode all around you making steel beams fly in the air! 

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