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    Ever wondered what a cross between Tetris and Lemmings would look like? Well, wonder no more, because... MouseCraft is here! Help Schrödinger, the crazy cat scientist, in his cheesy experiment and lead a group of mice in the most puzzling experience this year. MouseCraft is an A to B puzzle game where players help mice in their relentless quest for cheese by stacking the world's most famous blocks: Tetrominos. Gather collectibles, fight enemies, use different types of bricks, blow up things and avoid enviromental hazards in 80 hand crafted levels.

    Key Game Features:
    • Experience a remix of two classic gameplay mechanics: Pile up Tetromino bricks to create a safe path for as many mice as possible.
    • Discover an epic tale of Schrödinger, a crazy cat scientist who is striving to unlock the potential of a mysterious, mice-powered machine.
    • Defeat obstacles, overcome gaps and gather collectibles by using different types of blocks, of blocks, be them explosive, crumbling or even jelly ones.
    • Prove your stacking skills in your own style- freeze the game by using the Active Pause feature or increase the speed any time you want.
    • Get involved by creating your own maps and show off your creativity by sharing them with our community. - Chill out listening to our funky soundtrack scored by Mikolai Stroinski, the composer for Dark Souls 2, The Witcher 3 and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.
    Wondering how much is there to do?
    • 80 hand-crafted levels (about 6-10 hours of gameplay).
    • 7 different types of Tetromino Bricks, 2 types of Enviromental Hazards, Bombs, Enemies.
    • 4 different locations.
    • Full Steam integration, including: Cloud Saves, Achievements, Leaderboards and Trading Cards.
    • A Level Editor which allows you to create your own maps.
    In the Press

    Rock Paper Shotgun: MouseCraft definitely fulfills today’s “mad indie game” quotient with a unique blend of puzzle platforming...

    "The great thing about games is one day you’re writing about blowing up zombies and the next it’s all aboard the crazy cat scientist train to a land of tiny cuboids and tinier mice. MouseCraft definitely fulfills today’s “mad indie game” quotient with a unique blend of puzzle platforming, wonderful pictures, and possibly the greatest playe. " - Read More

    Indie Statik: Call me Leader of the Mice. I will get you to your cheese at any time of the day!

    "MouseCraft is pretty sleek and rather cute. Best of all, there’s that mad cat scientist looking in from the other side at the mice you’re helping out in the middle, both of you pressed against the glass either side of their test run. It works. There’s a character there, and he’s a bit of a nutter. I like cats. I like cute mice. Oh, MouseCraft, you certainly know how to press my soft buttons. " - Read More

    Polygon: MouseCraft and its crazy cat scientist hits PC and PS Vita this May, PS4 in summer

    "MouseCraft will feature more than 50 increasingly difficult levels in the campaign mode, leaderboards, collectables, a ranking system and a level editor. MouseCraft players are tasked with navigating mice through an obstacle-filled maze to get to some cheese by controlling the environment's components. " - Read More

    Lemmings + Tetris + cheese = MouseCraft

    "You know what are really cute? Mice. You know what else are pretty cute? Tetrominoes. I'm not the only person who thinks that, right? Regardless, the two are coming together in the upcoming game MouseCraft, which is set to release on July 8 for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. Whew. " - Read More

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