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Lost Marbles

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Lost Marbles infuses the gameplay of Marble Madness with the three character puzzle based action of The Lost Vikings to create a new 3D experience! You'll start with one marble to get your feet wet but before you know it you'll be controlling 3 marbles at once as the game goes from fairly simply platformer to frantic puzzle game.

Each marble has a different material and special power; Rubber can Jump, Paper can Shrink, and Metal can Boost. You'll have to combine the strengths of each marble to overcome a multitude of hazards as you race to the end of each level in search of the fastest time. The game is very challenging so don't be fooled by the cute graphics and atmosphere!

What people are saying:

"A great concept becomes a perfect package thanks to beautiful presentation, making this title one of the best puzzle-platformers on the market."
- MMGN, 9/10

"It mixes smart gameplay mechanics, interesting puzzles, with a pleasant audio/visual experience."
- Capsule Computers, 8/10

"For those seeking a nice, solid brainteaser, or even a pleasant time-killer, Lost Marbles just might be the golden ticket."
- IndieGameMag, 79%

"It’s demanding and delightful and definitely worth your time!"
- Greenlit Gaming

" Well worth its $10 price tag"

Why You May Like it

- Challenging platforming mixed with puzzle solving
- Unique visual style
- Charming music
- Hardcore Mode + unlockable skins
- Online leaderboards. Challenge your friends!
- Xbox 360 controller support
- 3 times the balls as any other marble game!
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