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Sky Nations

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Sky Nations is a multiplayer sandbox game set in a world of floating islands and air ships. Players can construct air ships as they adventure across procedural maps full of different islands and structures. Each island type containing different materials and loot which can be crafted into useful items for your ship and character. Players can band together to form Nations in order create bases and fleets of ships cooperatively and fight in large scale battles with other Nations and lone pirates.

- Build Airships and partake in Airship battles.
- Explore a large procedural open world full of different islands both unique in aesthetic and resources found there.
- Create custom wearable items with the Item Sculpter in game.
- Board and fight enemy players on land and ship with guns and melee weapons.
- Craft items including radars, guns and many other devices for your ships.
- Modifiable player skins and texture packs to make it your own experience.
- Group up with other players as a Nation to claim land and ships.
- Player hosted dedicated servers.
- C# server mod API - Server owners can create a custom experience making their server truly unique. - coming soon
- Both friendly and aggressive Non-playable Characters(NPC). - coming soon
- Regular bi-weekly updates to content and features.

Please note Sky Nations is still in development. You will receive updates for free until the game is completed.

Recommended Requirements
Hardware requirements are subject to change as the game is updated.
- A stable and fast broadband internet connection.
- Windows Vista or above.
- Graphics card that supports Shader Model 3 or above required.
- 4GB RAM or above.
- 2.3Ghz Multicore CPU or above.
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