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  • rewind
  • gravity
  • platformer
  • puzzle
  • hard
  • addictive
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    Rewind time and manipulate gravity in order to solve parkour puzzles in this extremely difficult, yet exciting new 2D platformer. With new levels being added for free all the time, the fun never ends. Each level in Redactem incorporates one of the game's many features to create a challenging puzzle that keeps you entertained. The game is addictive, frustrating, and interesting, you will always find yourself coming back to challenge one more level.

    Redactem has been the number one rated video game on IndieGameStand since the 8th of July thanks to all of the great reviews from our players!

    Got a question about Redactem or the team behind it? Go to Elliott's Reddit AMA and ask him a question there: Ask anything.

    In the Press

    A Lesson in Patience

    "Overall I found this game to be extremely enjoyable. Being able to talk to the developer and inform him of any bugs that were happening was great. I could play this game over and over again. " - Read More


    Time Keeps on Slippin'

    "Redactem is a clever and sharp puzzle platformer that stands out above many other budget titles in the Steam storefront. It won't be the greatest game you play this year, or make any game of the year lists, but it’s a strong debut title worth the experience for its price. " - Read More


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