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SickBrick is an action-oriented Sci-Fi FPS with modern graphics and oldschool gameplay set in (and outside of) a testing facility in an unknown desert. You are thrown into a strange world without any recollection of your past and forced to fight hostile robots that have only one goal; to destroy you.


-Destroy hundreds of robots on 15 maps with a mix of outdoor and indoor locations on a strange alien world
-At your disposal are 5 unique and devastating weapons. Chainsaw, Shotgun, Lightning Gun, Grenade Launcher and Shock Rifle
-Unravel the story by listening to previous test subject’s log files
-Scalable graphics: looks good on cutting edge PCs, playable on old machines and laptops
-Includes Map Editor and Resource Editor for creating custom maps and mods


-Oldschool gameplay - pick up ammo and health (no automatic regeneration), items rotate and glow, dozens of enemies at a time
-Vechicle manipulation - drive 3 types of hover-tanks
-7 types of uniquely designed enemy robots
-3 giant boss-fights
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