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    Greetings fellow Adventurer, I'm Ohio Jack. The second-best Treasure Hunter in the world! I have been on a restless quest for The Cup of Eternity for quite a while now. After a long search for proof of its existence on Reddit and Google, I could finally gaze upon the arcane treasure in a deadly dungeon riddled with fatal traps. For each purchase, you will get a Steam key. THIS IS A HARD GAME, NOT FOR FAINT HEARTED :)

    Version 1.0 is now live!

    This new version fixes a lot of issues, especially regarding the core mechanics and gameplay in general. I tried to create a better experience, making the game less frustrating (especially in regard of gamepads) but still keeping it very hard.

    I also introduced a new speed slider that allow you to play the game a 200% speed. I challenge you to complete the game at the max speed, this is a whole new adventure.

    Have fun!!

    • Added a different button for sliding, this will fix most of the annoying situations where you want to crouch but end up sliding into a lava pit.
    • Removed the screaming sound when Ohio Jack falled from ceiling. It was very annoying to hear it again and again.
    • Increased the precision of the gamepad deadzone.
    • A speed slider with a default value of 150% (the proper speed to play the game).
    • Fixed various shadow heights (especially projectiles).
    • Projectiles now telegraph a little bit before getting out.
    • Added parallax and scaling effects to lava balls, to make them easier to understand.
    • Fixed projectiles hitboxes.
    • Fixed falling cup going through the walls.
    • Fixed jumping on a fence killing you.
    • Fixed some minor bugs in the editor.
    • Fixed some minor bugs in the game.
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