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Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is a hybrid "roguelike-like" game of space adventure and starship combat set within an unexplored region of the galaxy known as the Purple Void. Each game is an instant randomly generated space opera that plays to its conclusion in one sitting.

Captain your own starship, head out into deep space, explore stars and dangerous black holes, encounter allies, enemies and disgusting aliens, have starship battles and find loot, then return home to fortune and Glory! Ahh, if only it was that easy. You'll want to try again. So, the quirky universe of Infinite Space provides enough variety to surprise you each time you replay the game.


- Randomly generated animated star maps
- Dozens of unique starships
- Tons of items, lifeforms and ship components
- A bizarre collection of alien races, each with different starship types
- Random events and special quests
- Turn-based space exploration and real time combat
- Tutorial mode
- A combat simulator with access to ALL ships in the game
- Award-winning spaced-out music and sound effects
- Support for user-made mods

"the coolest trip across the galaxy ... a sure-fire hit that should be
in every gamer's library." - Russell Carroll, Game Tunnel

"This is what independent gaming is all about" - Cory "Demiurge" Banks, Gamers With Jobs

"This game blew me away, and minutes turned into hours as I kept telling myself, alright, that one didn't count. Just one more round..." - Kit Pierce, MacGamer

2006 IGF award winner and Seamus McNally grand prize nominee

UPDATE: Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars has been funded by the indie game community. Follow its progress in monthly development updates here:

Learn more about Weird Worlds and check out all of the Infinite Space computer and tabletop games here:

Visit the official Weird Worlds Facebook page here:

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is available for Windows, and elsewhere, iPad and Android. No OS X Lion version of Weird Worlds currently exists. Also note that no downloadable content included in this offer other than "Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space for Windows" is supported by Digital Eel or any distributor or publisher of the game.
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