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Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars

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  • space
  • sci-fi
  • rogue-lite
  • rogue-like
  • exploration
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    The space roguelike series that started it all continues!

    Note: Sea of Stars has been updated to version 1.1.1.

    Sea of Stars is a starship roguelike, a sandbox adventure game of interstellar exploration and combat. Travel from star to star, discover strange artifacts and lifeforms, upgrade your ship with new systems and weapons, build up your flotilla with allies and mercenaries, and take on a variety of alien menaces.


    + Dozens and dozens (and dozens) of unique aliens, starships, artifacts, ship systems, characters, places, weapons, lifeforms, events and special "save the galaxy quests".

    + Thoughtful randomization assures a different experience each time the game is played.

    + Hybrid turn-based starfield movement; pausable real time combat.

    + Quick to pick up, easy to play yet challenging to master.

    + Games are brisk yet full of details to ponder.

    + Great for kids!

    + A range of difficulty options.

    + Full combat simulator mode so you can play with all of the starships, starship systems, weapons, and more right away. Nothing to unlock!

    + With the help of several highly creative illustrators allowed to "do their own thing", Sea of Stars continues the Digital Eel tradition of featuring whimsical game art.

    + Fully orchestrated soundtrack by UK composer Edwin Sykes. Soundscaping and incidental music by The Mystery Kitchen.

    + Mod-friendly. (More on this soon.)


    Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars teaser video

    Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars Original Computer Game Soundtrack (listen online and/or download)

    Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars Facebook page

    Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars web page

    You'll always find the latest, greatest build of Sea of Stars available here but if you need a Windows patch (1.x.0-1.1.1) for the DRM-free version you can download it from Digital Eel:
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