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Survivor of Eschewal
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Author: Fellowplayer


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    Survivor of Eschewal


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    During your luxury cruise holiday the ship you was on suddenly got attacked and starting to sink.  You swam for your life but found yourself stranded on a strange land.  Now you need to figure out how to escape.  Salvaging what you could from the debris washed up on the beach you begin building a new home for yourself with resources found on the land, all the time you feel that something is watching you.  If the wildlife doesn’t kill you first, something else will.

    Find out how to escape this strange place and the secrets it holds.


    Deal with strange weather that could harm or help you.

    Strange wildlife infests the area, kill them before they kill you.

    Gather any and all resources you can find.

    If you can’t find what you need, grow it.

    Find secret items across the land to unlock new buildings and resources.

    Keep warm and healthy, fight starvation and don’t freeze to death.

    Explore above and below the water.


    Submitted by: Fellowplayer
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