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Block PuZzLE: UnMatch™

UnMatch is a Block Puzzle game. It has easy game mechanics and easy to understand, but it's challenging to play :-) It requires good thinking logic & strategy to score in the game.

You will find the game equally addicting like 2048, Su du ku, Rubik cube etc. You can download the game free at playstore:

The goal of the game is to make sure none of the same color blocks are touching each other. There are three game modes. Relax is 3x3 grid , Active is 4x4 grid, Challenging is 5x5 grid. It is suggested to start with the Relax mode i.e 3x3 grid. It would be easier to understand and get the feel of it.

Solve the brain tickling puzzles & have fun :-)

Submitted by: bittaruns
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