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A Pirate's End

An adventure game about a retired pirate exploring a series of mysterious islands in search of a secret stash of treasure he hid long ago.

As you play, your knowledge and experience increase as you gradually learn the secrets of each island. But each time you fail and retry your quest, you will be older and weaker, and less able to navigate across the dangerous sea.

Manage your resources, trade wisely and choose your path carefully to stay afloat long enough to find the hidden treasure.

Developed by Ed Kay (@edform) during Pirate Jam 2017 on the theme of impermanence.

You can view the 30 second trailer for the game jam which took place in Thailand here:

Submitted by: Independent
In the Press

A Pirate’s End is a wonderfully whimsical adventure game

"A Pirate’s End is a wonderfully whimsical adventure game in which you explore mysterious islands, trade supplies and avoid hazards as you attempt to stay alive long enough to find a secret treasure stash you hid many years ago. It’s a fun little seafaring treasure hunt with stylish visuals, great writing, lots of cool things to discover and a great sense of adventure. A nautical adventure well worth setting sail on. " - Read More

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