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Neon the Ninja
NEON THE NINJA is a 2D punk rock, action / stealth game that tasks the player with a hit-list of the seven most vile world leaders. Slash your way through everything that moves; dive into neon signs for camouflage; or maybe do a little bit of both (who would we be to judge... that's Neon's job).
Submitted by: NEW 90's GAMES
In the Press

Find a Bright New Look For Stealth Platforming in Neon the Ninja.

"Typically a stealth game invokes images of hiding in the shadows in black or camouflage and sneaking up slowly to take down a target. Neon the Ninja on the other hand opts for a more colorful approach. " - Read More

Analog Addiction’s Top 10 Games of PAX East 2015

"Ninjas are no longer hiding in the shadows all dressed in black. They are… Well, actually, they’re doing stunt work and birthday parties, but not Neon! " - Read More

Neon the Ninja: Punk-Inspired Stealth Sneaks Into PAX East

"Mark of the Ninja is probably the gold standard of indie stealth games. It’s dark, brooding, and challenging, encouraging you to hide in the shadows at every opportunity. What happens, though, when that formula is inverted? That’s exactly what the just-announced game, Neon the Ninja is trying to do. " - Read More

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