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Awkward Dimensions Redux
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Author: Steven Harmon

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They may be awkward dimensions, but they're my dreams...

Interactive Dream Journal & Diary; Awkward Dimensions Redux is a personal game. Lasts 20 minutes to an hour with less traditional interaction. Focuses on getting to understand another person through an interpretation of their dreams, thoughts, fears, desires, and past work. It's a game about conversing with roosters, disembodied legs, standardized tests, Immature jokes, relationships, art, espionage, and a teenager coming to terms with life and growing up.

Installation Instructions
1.Download the .ZIP file, and unzip.
2.Extract the .ZIP file to desired location.
3.Double click and launch game.
4.(Optional) Depending on your antivirus or OS you may need to check mark "launch anyway" or "restore and exclude" or something along those lines since the game is freeware without a major publisher.

Q & A

Why is the game so large in file size? Is there tons uncompressed audio or what?

  • It's a huge game, but I try my best to compress and optimize where I can. Most of it is probably lightmaps though.

What operating systems does it support?

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux. (with limited gamepad support)

Is this a sequel to this game?

  • No, it's a remastered and completely redone version of that original jam prototype.

I love the music in the game! Where can I get the soundtrack?

The music created originally for the game is here, but the other music is from musicians whom I've asked permission to use their work in my game and you can purchase their music on their bandcamp pages. And please do support them, they are amazing musicians! :)


Halina Heron's music ("Self Destructive Portrait" Level)

Clawfoot Slumber, previously known as Black Marble ("Self Destructive Portrait" Level)

American Grandma ("Get over her" Level)

Piano Markus recording of Franz Liszt's Liebestraum ("Find The Way Out" Level)

Pablo Garuno ("Frame" Level | Included in soundtrack)

Dong Lee (Most of the music in game | Included in soundtrack)

Submitted by: StevenHarmonGames
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