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Workers In Progress: Special Edition - Progress Harder

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Workers In Progress: Special Edition - Progress Harder

The special edition of a charmingly outdated and handily brief political simulation where each choice you make can have cataclysmic effects. The choice-based text adventure that lets you play as the collective consciousness of the Greek working class.

WIP:SE-PH is playable in English, Spanish, French and Turkish. In the event of successful real-life revolutions more translations will be added.

[Every one of the available endings will lead you to a different book and thus make you a better and smarter person! For free! Huzzah!]


- Choices!
- Words!
- Links!
- Choices represented by linked words!
- 4 Languages (English, French, Spanish, Turkish)!
- More and better words than any other Workers In Progress game ever!
- Accurate prophecies!
- Less accurate prophecies!
- Silly prophecies!
- Aesthetics!
- A single sound effect!
- Runs on almost anything with a browser!


Written and designed by @gnomeslair.

Visual trickery, CSS designs and technical tinkering by @lectronice.

Translations by @EnsembleVide (French), @fidaner (Turkish) and Pablo Martínez (Spanish).

Created with Twine, edited and compiled with twee2.

The original Workers In Progress was written for the Fear of Twine exhibition.
Submitted by: Konstantinos Dimopoulos
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"This politically engaged, branching story does a great job of summarising a complex situation, and the Greeks among you may find it cathartic to rewrite the whole affair with a more satisfying ending. " - Read More - Rally the Workers of Greece in Workers in Progress: Special Edition

"The Greek working class are in a rough spot, being stuck with the responsibility to clear up the national debt by working harder for less pay by the current government. " - Read More

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