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Win a gamer’s dream pack with RedBedlam and Alienware X51

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To celebrate the release of Christopher Brookmyre’s ‘Bedlam’ in paperback, Brookmyre and Alienware are offering one winner the chance to level up their gaming experience with the Alienware X51. We’re also giving five runners up concept art from ‘Bedlam The Game’, signed by Christopher Brookmyre himself. Follow the link for details of how to enter this free and easy competition , good luck!

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For anyone interested, it looks like you earn an entry for every time to you email Chapter One of the book 'Bedlam' to someone else.

You could read this as: spam your friends for a small chance to win something!

Or you could read this as: we're trying an advocate-based marketing strategy that costs less than a billboard advert!

Either way you read it, now you are more informed.

(Disclaimer: Personally, I don't enter giveaways for things I wouldn't buy, since the US taxman would later charge me ~60% of the claimed market value. That really means just a 40% discounted purchase, and I don't have the extra cash to throw around. Good luck to you who enter, though!)

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