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Major Mayhem

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Post December 7th, 2013, 11:19 pm
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Game: Major Mayhem
Developer: Rocket Jump (published by [Adult Swim] games)
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android
DRM & Distribution: DRM-Free, Desura, Steam (Greenlit)

Classic shooting-gallery gameplay, bright and colourful graphics, and a good sense of humour make this an all-around riot to play. Gameplay is tight and accurate, and the environments feel fresh; each themed stage has its own personality and common elements as well. There are lots of unlockables and missions to keep you occupied, tons of in-game achievements, and leaderboards to keep you occupied.

If you can't see the video below in Chrome, click the shield beside the URL and click 'load unsafe scripts'

phpBB [video]

Arcade cover shooter inspired by Time Crisis, Metal Slug and 80's action heros! He's got an itchy trigger finger, some scratchy stubble, and a fondness for shooting dudes in the face. Run and gun your way through gorgeous 3D environments as you embark on a mission to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the Forces of Evil. Guns, grenades and an assortment of other tools of destruction are at your disposal, and you'll need every last one of 'em. So what are you waiting for, Major Mayhem? The future of the Free World -- and your love life -- hangs in the balance.

  • 45 levels of non-stop action
  • Battle your way past hordes of enemies in three picturesque environments: Tropics, Metropolis and Desert
  • 100 Achievements to earn and collect!
  • 150 Mission objectives (mini achievements). For extended gameplay.
  • 20 different weapons to unleash hell with!
  • Heaps of costumes and hats for the Major.


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Post December 8th, 2013, 4:03 am

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Fun mobile game, quite playable on PC for the same short spouts you
would on the bus but not particularly meaty in any way, store from me.

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