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The Perfidious Petrol Station (Nancy The Happy Whore Deluxe)

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Game: The Perfidious Petrol Station also known as "Nancy The Happy Whore Deluxe" from SummerBatch bundle
Platforms: win, Desura
Link :




"When a travelling lady-of-the-night finds herself running out of fuel on the way to the Big City, she discovers more than she bargained for in this gruesome gas-station. Relying on her wits and the help of her best friend and crack-fiend, Susie the Drug Addict, things start to go from “bad” to “weird” as she must not only find vital fuel for her car, but also put a stop to an armed robbery, defeat an ancient and evil (but extremely polite) cult, and show a young man that becoming a hippy is never the right answer. Can she fulfil the prophecy, and uncover the mystery of – THE PERFIDIOUS PETROL STATION? The timeless story of a young woman needing gasoline, and nowhere near the giant leap backwards for women's rights you may think it is! Coming from a tradition of naughty humour and dodgy puns in adventure stretching back as far as “Leisure Suit Larry”, Nancy’s first adventure is a nostalgic romp into the kind of surreal story that only exists within adventure games. "

So, its basically point-and-click quest filled with sick humor and pixelated b00bs...i have eye on this game for pretty long time, soo...

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I'm a fan of Larry, never heard of this one before. I'd like to try it.

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Thumb up. well, I can never have enough of adventures...
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Lurtz wrote:
Thumb up. well, I can never have enough of adventures...

Or boobs.

+1, hopefully it's as hilarious as it looks.

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Obligatory NSFW The Room reference, in regards to that first screenshot:

In any case, the game's premise as you describe it sounds a bit repulsive. :?
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