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The Introduce Yourself Thread

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Post November 5th, 2012, 4:46 pm

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This is the place to talk a little bit about yourself and get to know the IndieGameStand community. I'll start it off:

Mike here, co-founder of IndieGameStand. I'm about to turn 30 (ugh!) and first discovered Indie Games back in 2006 when I was in Grad School. It's been awesome to see the evolution of the community since 2006. We even have our own documentary movie now!

I live on the East Coast right outside Philadelphia and am a big console gamer too. My favorite console game series include Metal Gear, Halo, and Marvel vs. Capcom.

Post November 5th, 2012, 5:12 pm

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Hello everyone out there I'm Davide. The first indie I played was Minecraft but well after getting into the forums and browsing abit I found out that there was much more than what I was used to play (CoD, CS, C&C, AoE) that kind of mainstream stuff. I found Indie Gaming. From Minecraft I went to Terraria and so my interest began of pixel art games. I found out IGS in the Steam Traders Group in a topic about getting Chester for free but by the time I got here you guys were already selling Gnomoria.
I'm portuguese and I live in a city in the north part of Portugal called Braga the European Capital of Youth, I'm currently studying Humanitary Sciences and I'm 17 (I'll turn 18 next May).

Post November 5th, 2012, 5:41 pm

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My name is Player Review, I mean Jeremy. I am 33 yo and enjoy long indie games on the beach. I started out in '83 or so with the Commodore 64 and have had every main console since the Atari 2600. First MS-DOS PC was a 386sx16MHz (edit: was a 286 of some kind) and I had to pay $20 USD per MB of RAM to max it out to it's capacity of 8MB. I work in the tech industry doing hardware/software support (primarily), but my first-most passion in life has always been games (I think they were all Indie in my day).

I still have my original boxed copy of 1989 Simcity (before EA got their evil hands on Maxis) and the boxed copy of the first big CD-ROM game, Myst. I started getting interested in game design when the original Doom came out and used WADed and DoomEd to create levels to share with the community pushing the engine to it's limits to create artificial outdoor environments within castles (windowed buildings, etc...).

Nice to be a part of the IGS community. It is a good thing that is going on here and I hope it continues to gain in popularity.

Steam ID: Player Review
XBOX ID: Player Review
Desura ID: Player_Review
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Post November 5th, 2012, 11:31 pm

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Hey, name's Soli, not my real name, just an online alias I go by. I'm 29 years old, live in good ol' Pa. Been gaming since a very young age, with the Odyssey and the Atari 2600 being the first systems I've played.

First indies I remember playing was back in 2001-2002ish. I remember to this day anticipating the release of Eternal Daughter by a group that called themselves Blackeye Software, two amateur developers by the names of Derek Yu and John Perry (I'm sure the majority of you have heard of at least one of the two). The game is still very playable today, a little bit buggy and insanely difficult, but playable. That wasn't the first indie I've played though, that was probably a smaller game by the same group, either Quibble Race or Diablolika. Some other early favorites include Lyle in Cube Sector and Cave Story.

I own well over 500 indies, I mostly blame Steam. I have absolutely no time to play them all because of work (and the fact that I have so many that it would probably just be impossible to play them all in my lifetime). Try to keep myself educated on everything indie game related but that's no easy task with all the indies out there.

Good to have a place to go to discuss indies.

Post November 6th, 2012, 7:44 am

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Hi, Kiril here, again not my real name. I'm 28 and from Ireland. I have been gaming since all my life nearly. My father is a computer programmer, and he wrote games to play on the machines in work during their lunch break, so games are what computers are designed for in my house.

I never had any Ataris or Commodores, I was bought up on a PC, I still remember going to get the Amstrad 486, and then my Uncle getting floppies of Wolfenstein 3d, which would be my first indie game really :P

Of modern indies I think I would have been first brought into the scene with either Samorost by Amanita Design, It was a way to get my lucasarts(like) point and click fix, or Uplink by Introvesion, it was such a different game. The rest is history really, started looking at different genres and finding some great games, and some very very bad ones.

I think what I love about Indie games is that they are different and niche, they use old school game types, or just go to tell a story and you will always find an Indie game to love.

Post November 6th, 2012, 9:13 am

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Ireland! I'm going to Dublin in early December. Any recommendations for things to do? or places to eat? or are you not close to Dublin at all...

Post November 6th, 2012, 12:30 pm

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mgnade wrote:
Ireland! I'm going to Dublin in early December. Any recommendations for things to do? or places to eat? or are you not close to Dublin at all...

I'm not in Dublin, but I'm close enough. What to do in Dublin, depends on who you are with and what you want and how long you are staying, sorry if this is long :P

Firstly a warning, Dublin is expensive. Very expensive, it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Expect a pint to set you back $7 - $9 depending on the pub and a meal between $20 - $150 depending on the restaurant. That being said, the lower end is very nice, its good food. There is also the usual fast food joints for cheap food if you want it.

There are some great places to visit for free, like St Patrick’s Cathedral, its the biggest church in Ireland founded around 450AD, so its old and looks amazing, well worth a visit. The national museum of Ireland is also worth a look, has a lot of history in there, from stone age to modern. The Phoenix Park is 350 years old this year and its also worth a visit, its a massive walled park. Go to Grafton Street for shopping and the buskers, if you have seen the movie Once, thats where they meet.

If you want to pay into things Phoenix Park is home to Dublin Zoo, which is worth popping into its quite old, also Áras An Uachtaráin which is where our president lives and lots of other things. Trinity College is great, but in it is the "Book of Kells" and a huge libary which are well worth a visit more than the college itself. St James Gate is a must see, home to Guinness Brewery, get a tour, and a pint of the black stuff.

There is a lot of places other than the ones up for visiting. Lots of bars with good music, plenty of gigs and shows on too. Weather will be bad, out best weather is light rain, so be prepared for that.

A few rules for you or anyone visiting Ireland. These are just advisory and will change depending on who you are with and where you are.

If someone offers to buy you a drink, its ok to say no, but if you accept, you owe them a drink. Watch out for this as you might be brought in on rounds without you knowing. If you buy someone a drink, they owe you, so watch flashing the cash as you could make people uncomfortable.

If you don't want to drink alcohol thats ok, there is a strong tee total movement in Ireland, and all pubs serve tea and coffee and soft drinks so don't be afraid to order what you want. Note though if you are in a group of people, and you don't have a drink in front of you, people will ask if you want a drink, so best to have a coke or juice just to stop the questions.

NEVER EVER order a Irish Coffee in a pub when its busy, it is a pain in the arse to make and the barman will hate you. If you want one, go in the afternoon when its quite and order by saying something like "Would it be too much of a hassle for an Irish Coffee?" There you are showing the barman that you understand its a pain.

You will be insulted. Its just the Irish way, its banter and ribbing, not meant to be offensive, so take everything with a pinch of salt.

Some things you may hear that sound odd. Craic, pronounced crack is not drugs, but it means fun. Fierce savage is very good and a few others.

As for food, I don't know, there are plenty of places around, best thing is to walk around and find somewhere yourself for your own taste. Irish cuisine is left overs, so its not that big in restaurants. One thing we have brought in from England is the Indian Curries, and if you don't go to London or Newcastle often, its worth finding a spot for one. Best thing is look on the web for it. You have nothing like it in the US.

The main thing to know is have fun, and enjoy the city, it quite a cool place.

Post November 6th, 2012, 6:49 pm
dliebner Site Admin

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Dan here, the other co-founder of IndieGameStand. I'm 25 (haha, take that you old farts!) and I very much love video games. I got started at a very young age on PC titles like Wolfenstein 3D, Theme Park, the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, and Loom. I had a brief love affair with the N64 and titles such as Goldeneye, Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask before making the deep descent into the lifestyle choice formerly known as EverQuest. After about a year of hardcore addiction, I became acquainted with Valve and their Half-Life line of products (including Counter-Strike), and was soon enchanted by the promise of the video game of the future: Half-Life 2. I played a little bit here, a little bit there, and thanks to my skills in internet geekdom I was able to pirate dozens upon dozens of game through my adolescence. Throw in a little bit of WoW throughout college, but now I'm happy to say I've been MMO-clean for several years and can't see myself ever playing another MMO again. Now that I'm an income-earning adult, I'm happy to say that I pay for all of my games.

I live near Mike, and these days I'm a big fan of the fine sport of Ultimate Frisbee. I'm also a big fan of Penny Arcade, who partially inspired me to create Smack Jeeves Webcomic Hosting in 2005. I also love music and enjoy playing guitar and singing in my car (not at the same time).

Post November 8th, 2012, 7:50 pm

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Name's Eri, I'm 23 and just another unemployed chump in the US, occasionally doing odd jobs and ghost writing.

My grandparents had little arcade machines, so I've been playing ever since I developed any sort of motor control. First proper game was probably Doom ('cause that's appropriate for a toddler, hahaa) since my father got it for free at some computer show. I used to call the enemies "scratchy monsters", "big doggies" and "monsters with pink pants on". My parents bought me a PlayStation when those first debuted, and my playing habits tended to be pretty even-handed between PC and console/handheld gaming since then. I've played the more choice "retro" games on emulators, but I generally stay within the past five years these days.

As far as indie games go, it's only recently that my mind made any sort of differentiation. Now it's more a matter of my strained wallet and the fact that many AAA titles seem, well, let's just say heavily geared towards young males. :P I love some, but lately those titles can't satiate my craving for variety.

Reading's my favorite hobby and that carries over into my tastes in gaming. While game play can certainly win me over, I've a soft spot for good storytelling, evocative aesthetics and characters that can hook you in. I enjoy the extra layers of involvement that gaming can bring to the table.

Post December 9th, 2012, 8:54 pm

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Practically a month later, but better late than never! Name's Amante, but also known in the real world as William. 22 years old. I don't play as many indie games as I like, but I highly promote people doing what they do best and love seeing people creating new indie games and working to accomplish things. People like Notch of Minecraft can inspire many indie game creaters to keep doing what they are doing in hopes of hitting it big, and as long as that dream is still alive, there will always be indie gamers.

Drawn towards this site by Dan, who promoted it over on SmackJeeves, and I personally love what you guys are doing with the place.

Post December 13th, 2012, 12:23 pm

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My name's Daniel, I'm an 18-year-old guy who lives in the UK, I don't really have much to say.
I like playing games and spend quite some time playing them.
Started playing games back when I was a kid, on what must've been Windows 98 (if I remember correctly).
Brought to this site by a game which should appear on here soon! :)
Definitely looking forward to seeing some of the games that will go on offer (I should be buying a few myself).

Post December 13th, 2012, 12:32 pm

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Danny wrote:
My name's Daniel, I'm an 18-year-old guy who lives in the UK, I don't really have much to say.
I like playing games and spend quite some time playing them.
Started playing games back when I was a kid, on what must've been Windows 98 (if I remember correctly).
Brought to this site by a game which should appear on here soon! :)
Definitely looking forward to seeing some of the games that will go on offer (I should be buying a few myself).

I wonder what game that would be... 8-)

Post February 11th, 2013, 10:09 am

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Hi guys! =]

I'm a student currently studying 'Interactive Multimedia', which I hope to be able to put to good use as a career in my near-future.

I love music, and recently I've been listening to a lot of instrumental electronic and EDM music.

In terms of games, I've been playing almost exclusively indie games for the past year or two. I find them fascinating as both games and as forms art, and I really enjoy experiencing new and innovative games.
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Post May 15th, 2013, 5:58 pm

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Happy birthday Zorder!

Post June 4th, 2013, 1:40 pm

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Hi, My name is Dustin and I'm the new IndieGameStand intern! I am 22 and a long time PC gamer. I found out about IndieGameStand through Mike's AMA on reddit he hosted in early May 2013. I asked if they were looking for interns and here I am.
I currently reside in Philadelphia while attending Drexel University. I'm super excited to get involved with indie games and developers but most of all to play some awesome games.

Post June 4th, 2013, 2:51 pm

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dyh91 wrote:

Welcome to heaven Dustin! Feel free to drop on IRC anytime, it usually has 2-3 people always online.

Post June 4th, 2013, 4:18 pm

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Dustin's a big Steam player too so I'm sure he'll want to help out with the Steam Group. You can PM him or email him at dustin [at] indiegamestand dot com

Post June 13th, 2013, 1:07 pm

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I guess I already introduced myself outside of this thread but meh why not again for the sake of it.

Hi, I'm AlwaysGeeky, developer of Vox. I also like to help other developers with voxel related problems and share my voxel knowledge. I started a 'Let's make a Voxel Engine' tutorial series on Youtube that has helped other developers make their own voxel engines.

Look me up on twitter sometime and say hi :)

Post July 2nd, 2013, 7:35 pm

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PlayerReview wrote:
Happy birthday Zorder!

Thanks for late birthday gift! :P

Post August 3rd, 2013, 4:37 am

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This is my 100th post, so going to introduce myself, letsmaybeLP92.

I am currently in college in Washington DC. Not going to go into any more personal details though :P

The First indie game I played was World of Goo at a friend's place and was hooked ever since. Only found out about that World of Goo was actually something called an indie game in February 2013, having only found steam in early Jan 2013 (despite the fact that I had already played many pc games before (though mostly cd copies).

My favorite PC games before joining the indie gaming scene were Oregon Trail and Roller Coaster Tycoon. Now my favorite games include The Binding of Isaac, Bleed, Retro City Rampage, and most recently Cinders and Pitman. I keep up most of major indie bundles and developer promotions, and when there is a key drop or giveaway of an indie game I don't have, you can bet I will be there trying to snag it add to my ever-growing indie game collection.

I love music, and I tend to collect game soundtracks and remixes. My favorite soundtracks are the Bleed Soundtrack, super Meat Boy soundtrack, and Skyrim soundtrack. My current jam is KK and Friends by Ben Briggs, and remix of music from various animal crossing games (one of my favorite franchises btw). PM if you want a link to the SoundCloud.

Okay I've been rambling on for a while. If you want to chat with me, you find me on the IGS IRC chat, steam, desura, groupees, and arqade (maybe?) with the same username as here. Happy gaming.
Games I Support For IGS:
    Beat Bros
    Delver's Drop
    Long Live the Queen
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