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Post November 28th, 2013, 5:07 pm

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hey sorry I've boiled it down to I've tried everything and it doesn't work.

but here it goes.

contacted the developers through their website 4 times over 2 weeks most recently being today. Check their forums and devlog. I check these forums, and the Steam Forums. I've tried asking for help on all forums. Checked on Desuras Forums. Checked Desuras key page many times. Tried inputting the game key as the steam key. ANYTHING. I have tried anything and everything to solve this ridiculous problem. Sorry I wrote all that stuff out on other places and just summarized it as "i tried everything" and there is no way you could have known what I meant exactly.

and it'll eventually be fixed, and we can still play the game (which is awesome and very fun)

Post November 29th, 2013, 3:15 am

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Right. Getting somewhere ^^

You registered on Kag2D just fine? Getting into the account bit? Not the forum, mind, the actual
site here; they're often different things. I don't recall specifically but most of the time you need
to also confirm the registration from an e-mail link they sent you.

If that works, can you get in the user account section by logging in with chosen pass and ID?

If that does not work, are you fully blocking java(script)? Not sure in this case, but log-in fields
often work with JS at least so that could also be the problem.

Forums are not -the- most ideal cause things get flooded and it's mostly users and forum admins.
Sadly Desura forums are often read even worse than the comments by devs (though comments
show on their front page so can't have people complaining there, now can we? :twisted: ).

If you'd rather contact them now though, use the e-mail I put in my last post,
it's their direct line to support if you will. Tell them you tried contacting them, what you did,
what does and does not work.

Let's try to get you into some pixelly chaos quickly now, shall we?


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