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I implore everyone for any aid you can give to save lives

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A few of you might know me and my quest to help indie games get the love and recognition they deserve but today I'm trying to help the country that I was born and raised in before I moved here in America.

Everyone I have a favor to ask. My country was ravaged by what is considered the worst typhoon of all time (typhoon Haiyan). Estimated 10k dead. Many hanging on trees or floating in water. My country was declared in a state of calamity. I would like to ask you guys for any donation you may provide.

It hurts my heart to see the carnage that happened to the country I grew up in. To see dead bodies everywhere, to see ships washed into the cities, destroying houses, the children who didn’t make it. Dead bodies that litter the streets, polluting the water that people still drink so that they can survive. People who are starving and lost everything. It’s simply heart breaking.

Anything helps. Here’s info and ways to do so. Thank you in advance

Update: I've been going around the gaming community today seeking help and steam has pinned my post about the subject and developers and game personalities also RT my tweets. Hopefully this will help the survivors even just a little.


Here's a link of the aftermath of the typhoon as well as some other videos about it ... tions.html Indie Game Review Blog. My goal is to help indie games get the recognition they deserve, and helping gamers get exposed to awesome indie games. I also host giveaways from time to time :)

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Would be great, if the "charity" could be chosen in that sense that we react to contemporary catastrophes and misactivities with special charities. There are so many people in this world hoping for quick and adequate help and no one of us can imagine how the people feel in Thailand now. Let's get this done and get checked, that the money goes to organisations, which know how to help!

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