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Aloha fellas,

I proudly can introduce the second adventure with my main character PHONgO. [:D
Remember how addicting flappy bird was? Well get ready for a new drug!! "PHONGO - Skate or Die" just hit the App Store... Check it out, there is even a pretty cool Easter egg if you get the 5th item in the game!!

Would be cool to read your feedback. :-)



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I am an android user, so I am unable to test you game, but i have feedback anyway - there is already game named Skate or Die, that holds firmly in my memory. I don't know if it is fortunate to use name that is already used. (never mind be it intentional or not) It might confuse people and it might as well make angry people who liked original "Skate or Die"

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Hey, thanks!
ok, this sentence is only additional. So I think it should be not be make problems.
But thanks for your feedback!!

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