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Spark Rising - An Action Conquest game [Jun 8th-11th]

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Hey all!

Thought I'd kick off a thread for my game Spark Rising, which is now on IndieGameStand Deal of the (Several) Day(s)!

If the concept of a build + battle sandbox game turns you on, then it's worth checking out. Decided to hold a little pay what you want promo to celebrate my birthday today. Just a thank you for all the support we got from early backers, fans, and contributors who helped make this game possible.

There's lots more details about the game on our website, so check it out!


If you got any questions, suggestions, poetry, or constructive criticism disguised as trolling, go for it!

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Any hope for gettin it DRM-FREE? If no, then not interested. You should think about, imho, feels very like GOG-type of game...they also announced multiplayer support recently...but they dont allow beta games in store.

Linux version?? if no, know. MAC version is means Linux is possible too.

"The bonus maps will not be available in the final product and are exclusive to early backers." You saying that its will be extra content only for early users OR that they will be totally scraped from game and thrown in trashbin later? First is OK, second is kinda waste of time and efforts, so hard to believe.

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I too have greater interest in GoG & DRM free than Steam. It actually presents a disappointing conflict because even though I would not purchase due to steam exclusive, I would have liked to contribute to the charity on top of my yearly contribution to the humane society.

Edit: Though steam exclusivity kills any possibility for me to buy it, I confess to being intrigued by minecraft import. For that function if a DRM free version were to become available I would likely buy it.
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Can't wait to start playing \:D/ Just one silly thing, the two maps, are they included in the zip folder with the soundtrack or are they linked in game on Steam?

Kopseer wrote:
Can't wait to start playing \:D/ Just one silly thing, the two maps, are they included in the zip folder with the soundtrack or are they linked in game on Steam?

The bonus maps can only be played via the zip files. Newer builds on Steam will not have these bonus maps. The reason is because we're constantly updating the game engine, and sometimes older maps won't be supported anymore. So enjoy them while you can!

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I'm not interested if it's Steam only, but happy birthday anyway.

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Ha ha. Yes, we all know that we love DRM-Free here at IGS, but if this game is trying to integrate Steamworks, which is a great platform (if not one of the best) for content generation.
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