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Potential Upcoming Indie Games - Help Us Decide

Is there a great indie game out there that you'd like to see on IndieGameStand? Let us know!

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Hey faithful IGS community!

As some of you may know, we've switched our game approval process so that we schedule several games in blocks rather than a game or two as they come in. We hope this will allow us to get the games that we (and you) are most excited about sooner rather than later. We're ready to start booking some games, but I thought it would be fun to give our dedicated community some insight and feedback into the decision making process.

Here are the list of games that are correctly setup in our portal (in no particular order) that we think are cool enough to be on IGS that we are currently looking for feedback on. Please keep in mind that there are always games out there that we hand select.

Tell us the games you are most excited about in each batch, the ones that suck, etc. We promise to listen.

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Batch 1:
1. Paranormal - PC

2. Snorms - PC, Mac, Linux

3. Pitman - PC, Mac, Linux

4. Three Dead Zed - PC, Linux

5. Constant C - PC

6. Reperfection - PC

7. Vox Alpha - PC

8. 8 Bit Night - PC

9. The Cat Lady - PC

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Because one of the games is my own, I just speak for the games I played and look forward too:

Paranormal looks super-interesting. I just watched Paranormal Activity recently and would love to see this kind of stuff in a game.
The Cat Lady is ecxiting me as well. I heard a lot good stuff about the game, especially this review from

Reperfection is one of the games I actually played so far. It's an adventure game presented in the style of a comic. You need to go back and furth in time - and comic pages as well - to solve puzzles and bring back your loved ones. This feels a bit like Groundhog Day, when you are trying to achieve different results with different characters or tools. The story starts quite normal and chliched at the beginning, but ads some weird and thrilling components in the ongoing development.

Adventure games rule!

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Out of Batch 1.. Reperfection and Three Ded Zed look pretty interesting. I'd be tempted to buy both of those. As for the rest.. I either have them all from bundles, or don't find them interesting enough.

Reperfection looks pretty unique, I'd put that at the top of my list.

EDIT: Removed 8-bit night from my post since the game is currently free on Desura.
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To be honest, doesn't seem like a game that I would find on the Indie Game stand.

This is a great game. I bought it on Desura and the dev promised to add multiplayer if it ever got on Steam.

A great game by 2 great devs :)

Three Dead Zed
An interesting platformer game to say the least.

Only know of this one from the Groupees bundle.

Doesn't look like a game I would play.

Vox Alpha
I've had my eye on this one for a while because of the voxel usage.

8 Bit Night
I loved this game :)

The Cat Lady
I personally don't like the horror genre so no comment

If anything, I would avoid games that more than likely don't need promotion.

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Since you want everyones personal opinion I'm happy to include mine :)

I own Paranormal, Constant C and Cat Lady which were inluded in bundles lately (I suppose I'm not the only one). All games are good but I'm not interested in buying them again.
I dont like Zombie/Alien-Shooter like Snorms but Three Dead Zed looks like a Zombie game I would instantly buy (which is rare for me). That game just looks awesome!
I love adventures so I'd like to see Reperfection as well.
Not sure if Pitman is my kind of game. Would take a deeper look if it really gets offered.
Last but not least there are Vox and 8 Bit Night which are just not my kind of game. Although my girlfriend might like to create some creatures in Vox, so I might buy it for her.

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Reperfection looks the most interesting to me, followed by Vox and Snorms. All the rest of the games I already own or have no interest in.

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Reperfection, 8 Bit Night, Vox Alpha and Snorms I would be interested in from this batch. Reperfection and Vox Alpha being maybe buys, and the other two being definite buys assuming some bundle doesn't get to them before IGS does.

The rest I all have from bundles or Desura buys, but the only one I've put any time into so far is Three Dead Zed. Three Dead Zed is pretty neat. Puzzle/platforming (puzzleforming?) with some good humor in it.

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As I am the creator of Snorms I won't include it in the list as I won't buy it (but of course I'd love it to be scheduled ^^)
1. Vox: I definitelly want to try it, I watched a lot of the videos and it seems good
2. 8-bit
3. Constant C
4. Three Dead Zed

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well actually I'm one of those that buys the game only if it works on linux. So in a bundle I'd hope that more than one linux game is included per batch, to consider it. And I would just skip an all PC game bundle, hoping eagerly that the next one had any linux games for me.

Also If there was only one linux game I would go for the least price possible, while if more than one are included I'd consider going up the price.

So if batch one had Snorms and on of the other two linux game, I would certainly consider it :)

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This is a pretty good lineup we have here! Unfortunatly I'm not able to express my thoughs on all of them, such as Reperfection and The Cat Lady not because I think they are bad, just because adventure games are not really my thing so I don't feel like I should "judge" them, eitherways I never heard of Reperfection (not that that is necessarily a bad thing) but I've seen some footage from The Cat Lady and it looks interesting but it isn't really up my alley.

Recently there's been a ton of devs trying to come up with their own ideas for horror games and I must say, Paranormal is one of the most interesting ones and it got my attention as soon as I saw it, probably because I watched too much Paranormal Activity but also because I like the way the game plays. On the downside it is a shame it's only available on PC (even though I'm a Windows user myself).

I played the demo of Snorms when it first came up on Desura and I really enjoyed it, it is a nice bit of casual shooting fun, the pixel art really caught my eye and the gameplay feels solid as far as I can remember from what I've played. I'm really looking foward to see Snorms on IGS and I believe that being the game available both on PC, Mac and Linux it would really please alot of people.

I really enjoyed my time with Pitman, it's a nice little roguelike and I don't have to say much about it. It's not something I can see myself playing for hours but every now and then. I also like the art on it and last but by no means least it's available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Having not played Three Dead Zed yet and not following it's development either I can say much about it other than it looks like a cute platformer with zombies (:D) I also really like the cartoonish artwork they did with this one and I would love to give it a try.

Constant C looks amazing and even though there's alot of puzzle platformers out there these days, I really like the way Constant C is going and I find the main mechanic (the gravitational field) really cool. The visuals of the game remind me of Stealth Bastard and the main character looks too damn cute for me.

Being I the one who suggested Vox, if you follow the forums you already know my opinion on it. I don't care if people think that voxel graphics are getting overused, this game has great potential, the fact that you can design everything yourself is pretty much awesome and in the screenshots that the dev keeps tweeting you can really see the difference and how much the game is evolving into something bigger. The dev also really looks like a great guy and I would love to have Vox being featured here on IGS.

I never followed 8 Bit Night to be honest but I have to say that this game looks really cool for me and I really like the pixelated graphic style. The way the game works is very interesting, how you can control 2 characters at the same time. Having not played it I can't really say much anything else about it other than I look foward to it.

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Reperfection looks interesting, but I'm not sure if it's a "game" I would enjoy actually playing. Not very interested in Snorms or Vox, since they are not a style of game I really like. I'm not really a huge fan of supernatural and horror games, so Paranormal and The Cat Lady are iffy, but they both look interesting. Pitman isn't really my style either, so pass on that. I don't know if the developers are the same or related, but at least from this video 8-Bit night looks like a blatant copy of Alter Ego, so I'm not interested in that either.

Three Dead Zed looks like a ton of fun, so that would be my first pick, and Constant C has potential as well, so those are the two I'd like to see first:)

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Great feedback so far guys!

nullzero wrote:
So in a bundle I'd hope that more than one linux game is included per batch, to consider it...

So if batch one had Snorms and on of the other two linux game, I would certainly consider it :)

This is really helpful Nullzero, we've never really thought if it was better/worse to space out Linux games - and it sounds like it's better to keep them close to each other to give Linux users the best value.

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The Cat Lady (with GOG key) will be great deal!

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FWIW, I'm also much more likely to buy a game on IGS if it supports Linux (and I don't already have it)

Talking of which, where's the Linux version of Aztaka? I talked with the dev for a bit and tried to help him out with the packaging but it's been over six months and nothing yet.

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Of the games listed in this first batch, I find Three Dead Zed, Reperfection, and 8-Bit Night the "most interesting enough to buy". Three Dead Zed would be the one I want "the most". While I do like Paranormal and The Cat Lady, I already got those from previous bundles (and I'm betting a lot of other people probably have it too). Constant C and I think Pitman were in other bundles too.

Post May 16th, 2013, 12:34 pm

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Well, What I would offer as assistance is identifying trends to help decide.

Note that (unless I missed some somewhere) there have been 4 games released with GOG keys. Out of those 4 games, 3 of them are in the top 10 of sales

Only exception was Spacechem and that might well been related to how early it was released and the way the further back to the sites origin you go, the lower the sales numbers are in general.

So, if you want what will sell well, even if it is hard to come by focus on GOG keys wherever possible. I know I am one who will buy even games I own from other bundles, if only to gain a GOG key and as the internet shows, you are never the only one.

So personally The cat lady + GOG key ASAP (or perhaps after the begining of the month would be better ;) )

Might save Paranormal back for closer to halloween, Say late sept early October and perhaps try to retain thematic seasonal games. Others like Slender: The whatevering or Cthulu saves the World would be ideal as well for that end.

Anyway, thats my suggestion. Best of luck and thank you for an awesome service and access to games I would have never known existed otherwise.

EDIT: Also I know indie has a backbone of "retro-ish" games, but as you can see in trends that more often those type of games as a whole do not do quite as well as more contemporary types, Even if only due to ratio.
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Pitman is a very cool rougelike game which I played for a lot of hours on my iPad. Hope it comes also to IndieGameStand.

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A lot of the titles have been "around the block", but are otherwise great. I would buy the following titles, as I don't own them and they look playable. I really like the way 8 Bit Night looks.

8 Bit Night
Three Dead Zed

Post May 16th, 2013, 12:51 pm
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  • Sort of annoyed that I didn't wait when I bought the current Groupees bundle for Constant C (it's the only one I really wanted). But even still, the game looks fabulous, and I'd love to see it here; that said, it should probably get a bit of a wait given that it's currently featured here.
  • Have played a bunch of Pitman, and can highly recommend it as much more engaging than it might appear at first (and also quite difficult). Would like to see that here as well.
  • And Snorms. That game has been on my radar for a long time, and I'd love to see it here. I feel like it deserves some more attention, and has yet to be bundled or even really promoted anywhere as far as I'm aware.
  • I heard mostly negative things about Three Zed Dead when it first came out, but after a couple of months I started seeing more positive reviews. I personally would probably still skip it (and I'm not sure it needs the added exposure).

I don't know much about the other games, so I can't really comment, although I do remember reading about 8-Bit Night (I don't remember if the reviews were positive or negative). I'm always up for supporting indies though, so most things will get a thumbs up from me, provided they're not utter shit (which none of these strike me as). Great first list!

Also, you guys forgot KAG and Out There Somewhere Get on that! =P

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I've been finding it really hard to get into any new games lately, and I'm not sure why. I played the demo for Snorms once, and quite enjoyed it, but I haven't gone back to it. Even the games I've been looking forward to on IGS (like Snorms), might not get played very much if/when I get them, but I'm still always up for supporting the games and their devs.
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