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Copy.that puts your IQ Level to upbeat!

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Post November 21st, 2016, 1:37 am

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The newest and addicting IQ Test has finally set on Google Play and AppStore! Copy.that will put to test how well your brain cells’ works! Copy each given move in the same order and never missed out any of it throughout the game. The game was released Oct. 12, 2016.

Do you actually know how well your brain works when it comes to IQ Test? Copy.that will test it to finest as you make your move. Never missed out any given moves they instruct so not to declare having rotten brain. Don’t rattle after each given move. How well does your IQ can go? Through Copy.that, your IQ will be challenge to its limitations.

This simple yet addicting IQ game will put to test and wreck up your brain cells. Collect stars to play the game. It offers easy to most difficult IQ stages. Power up your game by using in-game purchase essentials to take advantage the game.

Game Features:
• Copy each moves with time restriction
• Watch out for Boo boo once you’ve missed
• Enjoy its fun-loving 5 difficulty modes!
• Unlock all the levels for more mind-blowing IQ activities!
• Get power up essentials to boosts your game!
• Harvest more star using diamond earned!

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Be the BEST IQ wrecker as you finish each stage. Copy.that brings a completely different perspective for intellectual game experience. Play along with friends, family and even with your enemies.

Copy.that is a free-to-play app published by OnPlay and developed by LuckyJuly. Gamers have an option of in-game purchases.
What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW this game and see for yourself how your brain get mess up or set up to perfection.

For the collaboration and marketing inquiry, we are inviting your good office to do partnership with us. You can reach us to this e-mail: for more details.

Official Links:

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