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Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
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Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages in the IndieGameStand Store
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Ring Runner blends the palm-perspiring action of space combat with the narrative passion of a role-playing game.

Pack a towel and embark on a journey across universal highways known as the Rings; someone out there must know who or what you are. The voice of Nero, your snarky neuro-HUD, provides guidance and compulsory companionship, but no answers. Dive into The Subrostrum, a world smaller than atoms where Will can overpower the natural forces, and resurface as a Sage capable of rewriting physical laws.


-Over 400 Unique Abilities - no abilities are redundant or made obsolete by better versions; many inspired by fantasy games
-60 Fully Customizable Ships - five archetypes with many hybrids to choose from, act as templates for abilities, billions of combinations!
-20+ Hour Story-Driven Campaign - universe based on a Sci Fi novel
-6 Scenarios- with procedural level layouts, backgrounds, and AI the challenges are unlimited! Go Solo or try Cooperatively/Competitively through Online Multiplayer
-Reliable Multiplayer - drop-in and drop-out of games with seamless host migration; no waiting in lobbies - ever!
-Classic Arcade Inspired Mini-games - earn Sage abilities by conquering challenges in The Subrostrum
-Local Coop - "Duo" ships allow a friend to act as a copilot, usable in multiplayer modes, second half of campaign, and some challenges
-Original Soundtrack - 20 tracks of music

List of Scenarios:

-Wave Survival - Survive a waves of procedurally generated bosses, swarmers, and standard enemies
-Gladiator Mode - Overcome a gauntlet of procedurally generated bosses
-Spire Battle - Fast-paced base vs base battles
-Zombie Survival - Rack up as many kills as you can before the hordes of space zombies feast on the atoms of your brains!
-Deathmatch - Classic free-for-all combat
-Space Defense League - League of Legends/DotA in space!

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Average Mac: $2.16
Average Linux: $1.95

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