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Constant C
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Constant C is a 2D Puzzle Platform game for Microsoft Windows. The game's two core gameplay mechanics are the Gravity Shifting and the Time Field, using these two mechanics to control the game's various objects momentum to complete each level. Take the sci-fi art cute but with a mysterious sense of style. Constant C supported languages are English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and other languages will be added in the near future.


● Time Field
All objects are static in this world, and the Time Field around rescue robot is the only way to make them move on. Use your smarts to turn obstacles into stepping stones!

● Gravity Shifting
This advanced skill will not only let you dodge deadly traps, but also perform many spectacular actions! Turbo jump, manipulate inertia and even super cool ninja dive!


● Gravity switching + time suspended = momentum manipulation
● Over 100 mind-twisting levels. ***Warning*** May cause brain damage.
● Light-hearted story with intriguing developments and an epic ending.
● Cute characters with 2D skeleton animation
● Mysterious atmosphere with beautiful lighting
● Kickass soundtracks
● Will be on MAC and Linux in near future.

Xbox 360 Controller supported.

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