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Pitman is a turn-based Rogue-like in boardgame style. Everything you desire is inside the randomized dungeons: Dwarfs, trolls, golems, treasures, potions, magic, hammer, bow, even more weapons, ... and don't forget the monster moles and pretzels!

Traditional Rogue-like gameplay like randomness, high replayability and turn-based strategic roleplaying elements meet innovative level design decisions.

Pitman will let you die a thousand deaths - thus making your survival especially satisfying! And with the modern game technology of “save games” you will be able to face a challenge again, better prepared.


* RPG - create the hero you want, like a dwarven sorcerer or a powerful warrior
* turn based - for a tactical course of action
* 3D board game style - build the world while playing
* random based - no game will be like the one before


"Great! - An overlooked game with great feel and atmosphere. Very replayable too."
(Scarfoo, App Store Slovenia)

"Good music, new concept of dungeon generation, good atmosphere. Definitely recommend to any fans of rogue-likes."
(raensi, Desura)

"There is enormous potential here. I spent half the night playing Pitman when I should been sleeping."
(funambolist, Touch Arcade)

"Get this Game!I know what I'm going to be doing for the next couple weeks..."
(Fools08, App Store US)


With the purchase of PITMAN you are not only receiving an original Rogue-like, but also fund another month of development for our upcoming 3D environmental puzzle platformer TRI. Thank you! \o/

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