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Take control of a cute robot and venture into a world made entirely out of voxels; tiny cubes that can be built, blasted to smithereens, and collapse in per-voxel detail. Voxatron offers a buffet of chip music, beautiful voxel environments, and varied gameplay served in three modes:

Arcade: Good old fashioned Robotron-style shooter. Defend yourself against waves of incoming monsters and strategically use powerups to your advantage. Creat protective walls with the build gun, snaffle some sweet high scores with the sword of fortune, and obliterate the arena with massive explosions.

Adventure: Set out on a journey through a series of fantasy locations to find and defeat the neon snow dragon. There is still plenty of blasting action in the adventure more, but with a little more finesse; some rooms require a bit of observation and strategy to survive, along with tricky jumps and platforming action.

BBS Levels: Play a growing collection of levels that other users have made! Voxatron comes with comprehensive editing tools for creating models, animations and designing rooms and whole levels. You can use it as a sandbox for playing with Voxatron's engine, or create your very own arenas and adventures.

Voxatron is still in Alpha but already offers a substantial gaming experience. All future updates and v1.0 are offered free of charge for Voxatron customers.

"Voxatron is brilliant. Just a couple of months ago I found myself wondering if I would ever give a game five joysticks out of five. Here it is." -- Retro Gamer CD

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