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Brunel Charity Game Jam Bundle
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Welcome to the Brunel Charity Game Jam Bundle!

A bundle of 12 games designed and developed over a 30-hour Game Jam in London. With themes like 'sleep', 'genetics', 'the passing of time' and 'clean water', a real variety of games were produced.

100% of proceeds go to Child's Play charity who provide games for the entertainment of children in hospitals across the world.

Whether you want to go sword-to-sword with a medieval knight or hack your way in to a security system, this is the bundle for you!

If you would like to find out any more information, visit our website or contact us on the email address below.

Game Descriptions

Medieval Retrieval
created by Rob Callaghan
To battle! For the liege lord! Medieval Retrieval is an infinite runner-style game where you have to slash, block, and jump your way through a raging battle to save the lord you swore to protect.

created by Leo Aba & Robin Øvrebø
Play as a sheep, dodging lawnmowers in intricate mazes as you rush to the lettuce!
Inspired by "The Worlds Hardest Game".

created by Shane Condon
A 2D platformer game in which the player is a Buddhist monk taking a leisurely jog through the mountains whilst avoiding rocks.

Origins of Simon
created by
You are Simon, a genetically modified purple monster of love whose girlfriend has been missing for at least 10 minutes.
Punch, fly, shrink and shield your way through a fractious gauntlet of purple shaded terror in order to be reunited with her in this sidescrolling platform runner.

created by Alex Brix
By Alexander “FGRaptor” Brix
level.break is a pseudo-code hacking puzzle game in which you play a hacker who utilizes commands to break firewalls, and plant and use worms to free precious data cubes from servers. The playing field is randomly generated with 6 preset difficulties and the ability to fully customise all difficulty settings and even create your own presets. Learn the level.break hacking language to utilise all the commands to break through firewalls while avoiding detection.

St. George and the Dragon
created by Rory Summerley
A short but action-packed romp through a classic English folk story chronicling the magnificent battle between St. George and the dragon. Get ready to play the most Anglican boss fight ever, engorged with exciting explosions and English heritage!

Time Keepers
created by Joe Walsh
Time keepers is a puzzle platformer game where the player controls the Time Keeper- a small round globe sent to rescue Old Father Time himself. Using their wits and the power of time control, the player must traverse clock faces to solve each Time Chamber, and save their mentor. Think Braid meets Portal and you have the game I wish this was.

Wave Slice
created by Haroon Haider
Waveslice is a 1D game (or at least as close as it gets to 1D), meaning that you will only see pixels change in one axis!
Take to the waves with your shiny red surf board and catch some air!
Press space to jump (jumping at the the top of waves makes give you more air!) and left and right arrows to move.
Collect gold for points and avoid the swimming sharks and flying birds.

created by Shane Condon
A turn-based strategy two-player game that combines chess with the unit-enhancing elements of an RPG game.

Go To Bed
created by James Francis Soares
A game that simulates the unrelenting pressure of having to get to sleep!
Can you make the best decisions to get some sleep before the sun rises? Even after you meet your goal you'll have to conquer your nightmares to make sure you wake up bright, fresh and relaxed!

Mutiny On The Pie Chaser
created by Rob Callaghan
Mutiny on The Pie Chaser is a fun, physics-based game in which the player must lay and rotate planks to ensure Short-Bob The Pirate bounces safely to dry land after walking the plank, all while collecting treasure along the way.

Protector of the Sea
created by Michael Beckwith
The player controls an aquatic-based machine that runs on pollution.
Their goal is to get rid of the oil spills that cover the ocean, as well as destroy the machines that are responsible

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