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A young boy named Kurt finds himself stranded on a peculiar planet, and he must find his way home.

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A young boy named Kurt finds himself stranded on a peculiar planet, and he must find his way home. Finding help from unlikely allies and the curious tools in his backpack, Kurt must use gravity-defying beams to conquer every platform and solve every puzzle on this strange journey.

Title: Pid
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Platformer
Developer: Might and Delight
Publisher: Might and Delight
Release Date: 31 Oct 2012
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish


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Full controller support

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Average Price: $1.01
# of purchases: 7,413
Average Windows: $1.33
Average Mac: $1.50
Average Linux: $1.50

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5. @DavidJohnWillis $12.00
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9. @GobbleStudios $10.50
10. Anonymous $10.30

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Pretty, Infuriating

"Pid is an interesting collection of opposites. Its vision is equally futuristic and nostalgic. Its music is electronic yet organic. And its gameplay hook is brilliant but woefully bungled. " - Read More


"A solid game that definitely has an audience. Might lack replay value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun. " - Read More