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Super Tower Rush
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Once upon a time, there was a tower every knight and lady who had a wish visited. Racing another aspirant was the only way for their own wish to come true. The fastest one at descending the Tower would be the winner.

Super Tower Rush intends to bring old values back, such as shared gaming experience face to face, although this version includes almost all single player modes and will soon include a system to play online with the community too.

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About us,

We are André Marí Coppola, from Evelend Games, cocreator of Pixelry and others, working on the art, and Lorena Casanova, creator of Antipodes, working on the code.

We have developed the game at a challenging distance from each other. Nothing less than Norway-Japan!

We hope you all enjoy it and help us bringing it to further stages.
We would also like to give as much support as we can to our chosen organization, because we think Open Source Ecology's plan is the way to go, and we will soon follow their example.

Let there be indie gaming!

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