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Flatspace is a space trading and exploration game for Windows PC.
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Flatspace is a space trading and exploration game for Windows PC. 3D with a top down viewpoint, the game has elements of classic space trading games like Elite and Rogue-like games such as Nethack.

Like its predecessor, Flatspace II is a space trading game with a top-down viewpoint that includes rogue-like elements such as a choice of character and a revealing map. Unlike the first game though, Flatspace II includes artifact objects that can be obtained using a new a guild system. If you trade enough you can get trading upgrades such as enhanced defenses, and Alien Hunters can obtain special weapons and ships.

Created independently and published without the backing of a publisher, Flatspace was released in December 2003 and has been updated regularly since then. In late 2005 Flatspace II: The Rise of the Scarrid was released after many months of development.

Now is your chance to get both Flatspace 1 and II for whatever price you want! Welcome StarPilot, choose your destiny.

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