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Syder Arcade
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Killing zombies never gets old, but some times you just need a break.

Get back to some serious Old-School gaming with Syder Arcade!
A love letter to Amiga the games of the 90', no coins, no upgrade grinding, just your tenacity and a motherload of alien invaders.

Syder Arcade is a free scrolling, multi directional shoot 'em up, an uncompromised old-school experience, furious, challenging, straightforward. This game will bring you back in time, when bulky starships were cool and games were about player skill and swearing madly at your computer.

Relevant Features:

- Shooting
- Dying
- 6 campaign levels
- 1 survival mode level
- 2 different directions
- 3 player starships
- 4 difficulty levels
- 20 Nostalgias
- At least 3 huge capital ships and 1 giant bug-ship
- Lots badges to improve your high scores
- Online leaderboards
- 20 retro graphic filters like: C64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga HAM, Apple II (PC/MAC only)
- Amiga-style electro-soundtrack
- Zombie free

Oh yeah, and you also get our 7DFPS prototype game "Splat Arena" for PC and MAC. But that was free already :P

Android version is a beta.

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# of purchases: 1,319
Average Windows: $1.68
Average Mac: $1.92
Average Linux: $1.90

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