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ReignMaker is a city building political strategy game with match-3 tower defense combat.
BY: Frogdice

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ReignMaker is a city building political strategy game with match-3 tower defense combat. From your capital city you lead your Kingdom against the invading Void Army that threatens all life.

Your strategy, tower defense, and match-3 skills will determine the fate of your armies, but the many political decisions you make as a leader affect the story and the culture of your kingdom.

As your capital city improves, you will have access to more powerful spells, mightier elite troops, and better battlefield gear and armaments.

Along the way you will also earn achievements, complete quests, and fill your Bestiary with enemies.

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"I've fallen in love with ReignMaker."

"A rich experience with frantic match-3 gameplay (and charming city management breaks in between), ReignMaker manages to reinforce the reputation that developer Frogdice has been cultivating over the last few years: that of a gamemaker you should be paying attention to. " - Read More

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